White Elongated Sensor Toilet Seat


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- Sensor Controlled Fully Automatic Toilet Seat
- Fits most commercial and residential toilet bowls

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Save your marriage OVERNIGHT by installing this sensor operated Touchless Toilet Seat. Without touching, the lid cover will lift up automatically when you approach; wave one more time over the sensor to lift the toilet seat for male use, and both the lid and seat will close automatically 15 seconds after you walk away. No more falling into the toilet bowl or being lectured about putting the seat down over coffee in the morning. Prevent the spread of germs and keep the peace at home.

- 100% touch-free, virtually eliminating the spread of germs

- The toilet seat is constantly powered by the included AC Adapter (5' 10" cord length)

- Occupancy Sensor range is easily adjusted, allowing the unit to be installed in a wide variety of bathroom shapes and sizes

- Best Bang for Your Buck upgrade in your bathroom. Easy D.I.Y. installation

- Perfect for people with disabilities, senior citizens, and families with children

- The seat can be easily slid off for easy cleaning and is coated with anti-bacterial Silver Technology for added protection against germs

- Elongated Model

- Product Dimension: 23.25 x 16 x 5.5 inches

UPC: 897112000307


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