UV-C Sterilizer Robot Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Filter and Wet Mop, Rose Gold


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Enjoy spotless clean floors every day, with no effort! The UV-C Sterilizer Robot Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Filter and Wet Mop sweeps, vacuums, sterilizes, and mops your floors while you take it easy. The extra-wide UV-C lamp sterilizes the floors as it moves, killing germs and bacteria that live on floors and in carpets. The wet mop accessory gently mops your hard-surface floors, leaving them sparkling. For pet owners constantly cleaning up their pet’s fur, or anyone who wants a cleaner and healthier home, this robotic vacuum is the effort-free way to keep your floors clean.

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You can have spotless clean carpets and floor with absolutely no effort! Let this new-generation robot vacuum do the work. The UV-C Sterilizer Robot Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Filter and Wet Mop is an all-in-one solution that sweeps, vacuums, sterilizes and mops. For pet owners, or anyone who wants a clean and hygienic home, this is the easy way to clean pet fur, dust, and other allergens from carpets, tile, hardwood, laminate and more.

How it works: dual spinning brushes sweep dust and debris from the floor and hard-to-reach corners into the suction inlet. As the vacuum pulls in dust and debris, the HEPA filter traps The UV-C sterilizing light then passes over the vacuumed carpet or floor to kill microscopic germs and bacteria. Finally, the wet mop trails behind to give your hard-surface floors that final touch. You get fresh, clean carpets and floors and a healthier, more hygienic home with absolutely no effort.

This robotic vacuum cleaner has a lot of other premium features, like: stronger 1.2 kPa motor, quieter (<50 dB) operation, automatic return to and charging at charging station when the battery is low, 5 pre-set cleaning modes, anti-fall and anti-collision sensors, an extra-large 900 ml dustbin that requires less frequent emptying, low-profile design (less than 4” height) that allows it to clean under sofas, voice alerts, a remote control that offers one-button control, and an attractive rose gold finish.

- UV-C light sterilizes floors and carpets, killing germs and bacteria

- HEPA filter traps allergens like pet fur, pollen, fine dust, and dust mites

- Wet mop accessory leaves your floors sparkling clean

- 5 Pre-Set Cleaning Modes: Turbo Boost, Scheduled Clean, Double Clean, Spot Clean, an Wall Follow

- Auto-Recharge: cleaner returns to charging station automatically when power is low

- Strong suction power (1.2kPa) and quiet operation (<50 dB)

- Sensor prevent stair falls and collisions with furniture

- 4” height allows it to clean under sofas

- Two rotating brushes clean in corners and on walls

- Large (900 ml) dustbin holds more, for less frequent emptying

- Remote control for easy programming

- California Energy Commission Certified and Listed


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