Our Technologies

Our Technologies

Sensors we selected for your advantages:
No one uses more sensors in the products than iTouchless! The products can mimic exactly the ways you like them to work. We only use the best sensor available on the market. We have over 40 patents in our designs and inventions.

Infrared Sensor

more precise detection for accurate activation

Motion Sensor

wider range of detection for quick activation

360 Electromagnetic Sensor

easier access for convenience

Photo Sensor

light changes for customized activation

Step Sensor

lightly touch for most accurate activation and extreme energy saving

Learn Sensor

customize the way you like the sensor to activate

Biometric Sensor

detect your unique identity for security

Time Sensor

count-down timer to deactivate for safety

Human Sensor

detects if there is human present

Location Sensor

return to open space before battery is running out

Many more to come...

Your fingerprint is your unique door key so you don't need to carry a key and will never lose one or got stolen. No code or password to memorize. We use the military grade, most advanced 360 biometric scanner for precision, secured and fast live fingerprint identification.
Power Step
Lightly touch the step will trigger the hybrid-power motor to lift the lid of the patented power step trash can. No force and balanced act are needed. This stress free trash can will become your best friend.
Trash Compactor
The one and only sensor trash can equipped with this patented mess-free trash compactor design. No more frustration to press the trash down with your hands and foots. You would save 40% trash bags in the process to help making the Mother Earth a cleaner place.