Press Release




Chicago, USA – March 7, 2015 - When future merchandising generations look back on 2015, we are proud to present it as the year of SuperHuman. As humans, we are living in a time that’s steady at the plateau of human technological advancement, and living in this glorious age means we multitask on a day-to-day while trying to balance our personal and professional lives. The way we live our lives today is what inspired SuperHuman, a brand powered by iTouchless Housewares & Products, Inc., celebrating and embracing technological advancement, using it to empower us in our daily lives - to make us “superhuman”.

SuperHuman is a new breed housewares and home appliances, dedicated to breaking the conventions of modern houseware. Gone are the days of low quality, lazily designed and user-unfriendly housewares and appliances; SuperHuman prides itself on building premium quality housewares, combining intelligent cutting-edge design with smart and easy-to-use technology for the definitive housewares experience. The line features a range of stylish and convenient housewares including sleek and slim induction cooker, electronic water kettles, see-through and multi-function toasters and smart coffee machines for the kitchen, to stylish, easy-to-use and easy-to-store vacuum cleaner and steam mop.

Each and every product in the SuperHuman line is designed from the ground up to be something you’d want out and on display in your home, instead of something you’d want stashed away in the cabinet after use. Utilizing premium quality materials such as stainless steel, high-impact finishes with multiple color and style choices, each and every product in the line is designed to look as elegant as they are easy to use. Innovative features promoting safety and convenience are a major component of the SuperHuman line, like the electronic water kettle utilizes a 360˚rotatable design for safe and easy removal, while an innovative ring of LEDs serve as a stylish and safe indicator that water is being boiled. Another example is the SuperHuman See-Through Toaster, featuring glass windows on the body to monitor the toasting process, as well as an innovative auto-elevation platform, which will both evenly heat up your toast as well as raising it out of the heating element safely for bread removal.

Also available in the lineup is a fully programmable intelligent Drip Coffee Machine with Automatic Grinding, which can automatically grind a preset amount of coffee beans to your liking, making for the perfect brew. Other great products in include an innovative 2-in-1 hand and floor vacuum cleaner, compact steam mop, as well as a programmable smart tabletop induction cooker.

Housewares are a broad category of products that are commonplace in every modern home today. They are tools for your home first and foremost, to be on a daily basis, for better or for worse. Due to the large demand and ever-nearing ceiling for innovation in this product category, houseware designs have become increasingly half-baked, and build quality has plummeted, with the category becoming a prime target for cost cutting for many manufacturers. Very few still stand to build high-quality housewares today, but that is where SuperHuman steps up.