Fact Sheet



2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner

This is the vacuum that does it all and more! The SHV1P Vacuum Cleaner from Superhuman is a very powerful and versatile cleaning appliance that can quickly sweep up a significant amount of dust on both hardwood surfaces and carpets. No longer will you need two separate vacuums for your floor and your tables, shelves and cabinets, because the SHV1P is designed with a removable tube and vacuum head, which transforms it from a large-area floor vacuum to a portable hand vacuum in an instant, for reaching smaller or elevated spaces such as car interiors or shelves. The removable components featured on the vacuum also make for easy storage, ideal for conveniently storing away in smaller living spaces such as apartments where storage space is often a limited luxury.

The SHV1P features a cyclonic suction system which makes for a deceptively powerful suction strength in such a compact package. The cyclonic system delivers a deeper clean, and the included crevice tools help you reach small, tight spaces such as the creases and corners of your bathroom. The vacuum also features a washable inlet HEPA filter to reduce allergens and other potentially harmful particles from expelling. The lightweight design of the SHV1P provides for easy maneuverability, and with the power it delivers, it is the vacuum to get for your all-in-one cleaning solution.

Product Features:
  »  Cyclonic Suction System delivers high suction strength
  »  Removable tube handle and vacuum head transforms it from floor vacuum to hand vacuum instantly
  »  Washable inlet HEPA filter helps prevent allergens from escaping, maintaining a healthy environment
  »  Power: 600Watts. Handy part only: vacuum > 16kpa, Air flow > 70Cfm Suction power > 115W; Whole unit: Vacuum > 10kpa, Air flow > 65 Cfm, Suction power > 40W
  »  Clear dust compartment serves as an easy indicator for the vacuum’s capacity
  »  Compact lightweight design provides for an easy maneuvering and handling experience