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Slim Steam Mop

Why break out the big, clumsy vacuum cleaner for the smaller messes around your home? With the SHS3P Slim Steam Mop from Superhuman, small messes don’t stand a chance. The power of steam cleaning will leave floors sparkling, dry and sanitized after every use. Designed in South Korea, the unique slim and light weight construction of the SHS3P makes it easy to maneuver for the simplest and deepest clean you will ever see from a mop-sized cleaning device. The removable water container can features a generous 420cc (14.2 fl. oz.), enough to last for up to 25 minutes of continuous cleaning power. The steam generated is also 100% chemical free, making it safe for use around pets and small children, as well as providing a convenient and environmentally friendly cleaning experience for your home.

The SHS3P Steam Mop heats water up to 100˚C (212ºF), transforming it into steam and delivered at a temperature capable of eliminating up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The chemical-free design of the steam mop provides a natural, safe and environmentally friendly way to remove all dust, dirt and harmful bacteria from the floor or any solid surface for a deep, sanitizing clean. The handle of the unit is also removable, and can be taken apart for easy storage. The SHS3P represents the powerful combination of ultimate portability and ultimate clean, a steam mop that is safe and easy to use and store in any environment.

Product Features:
  »  100% chemical free; safe for use around children and pets
  »  420cc (14.2 fl. oz.) water tank
  »  Designed in South Korea
  »  Steam heats up to 100˚C or 212˚F , eliminating 99.9% of germs and bacteria while delivering a deep and thorough clean
  »  Removable handle makes it easier for storage
  »  Slim and lightweight design for easy use and maneuverability
  »  Up to 25 minutes of continuous cleaning in between refills
  »  Heats up quickly and powerful enough to remove even the toughest dirt and stains from any solid surface
  »  Includes 1 scrubber and 2 microfiber mop pads