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SHCFXS1 Auto-Grinding Drip Coffee Machine

Fresh grinds are the key to a rich, flavorful and delicious cup of coffee. Unfortunately, beans can lose over 40% of their flavor in just a minute after they’ve been ground, but now with Superhuman, you can have it all in one machine. The Auto Grinding Drip Coffee Machine eliminates the need to grind your beans ahead of time, thus eliminating any potential loss of flavor by brewing coffee instantly after it’s been ground, offering you a rich, aromatic and fully-bodied premium coffee experience.

The Superhuman SHCFXS1 Auto Grinding Drip Coffee Machine is constructed with a brushed stainless steel body, which combines seamlessly with an array of chrome-plated buttons, offering both beauty and durability in its design. It features a unique, built-in grinding system, complete with a large 1.5 Liter water reservoir and a 200g capacity compartment for your fresh coffee beans built right on top of a fully programmable state-of-the-art drip coffee machine.

The SHCFXS1 Coffee Machine offers a unique programmable grinding system which allows you to customize the thickness and strength of your brew, allowing you the ability to brew a perfectly bodied pot of coffee which will conform impeccably to your personal taste. It also features PTC control, which regulates the keep-warm temperatures more accurately, providing you with the perfect coffee at any time. It also features a fully programmable computer system with an internal clock, which allows you to set activation times for your coffee machine, allowing you to have your coffee hot and readily available at any time of day. The SHCF1S is the perfect companion to have for anybody who loves a convenient, precision-brewed, bold and flavorful cup of coffee at any time of day.

  »  Large 1.5- Liter capacity 10-cup reservoir
  »  200g coffee bean compartment
  »  Unique fully programmable grinding system; set the strength and thickness of your brew for the perfect coffee tailored to your tastes
  »  Fully Programmable activation timer; Program it to activate up to 12 hours ahead of time and have your coffee brewed, hot and ready to go whenever you desire
  »  PTC controls the keep warm temperature more accurately, delivering the perfect coffee at any time
  »  Brushed stainless steel finish and chrome-plated buttons offers a premium aesthetic and extra durability