Warranty Info

How long is my product's warranty? What's the coverage?

To obtain your warranty service, first submit a warranty service request here. Our Warranty Department will send instructions on receiving your warranty service.
Exclusions: Parts, such as Trash cans' Body, Retainer Ring, Battery Cover, Carbon filter, Filter Compartments, and etc., are not covered by the warranty service.

General warranty periods:
Full trash can unit: 1-3 year limited warranty (Please refer to the user manual)
Trash can lid: 1 year limited warranty
Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: 1 year limited warranty
Bio-Matic Door lock: 2 year limited warranty
Other items: Please refer to the user manual

iTouchless will only honor warranty requests from purchases made from our websites and authorized dealers in the U.S. and Canada. We will replace a product or part that fails as the result of a defect during the warranty period, payment for return shipping may be required per the warranty service. Products that are sold as used, floor samples, closeouts, refurbished or purchased from an unauthorized dealer are not warranted by iTouchless.