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SHT2GS/GB See Through Toaster

Never burn your toast again! The brand new See-Through Toaster from Superhuman is equipped with two clear, see-through windows that provide you with a view of what’s inside, allowing you to monitor the entire process of toasting your bread. The two see-through windows are constructed from nsulated glass, which both offers a crystal clear view and safely keep the exterior of the toaster cool while in operation. Available in silver, white and black colors, the SHT2G See through toaster makes a fine addition to any modern kitchen.

The toaster is also equipped with a two-slot capacity, and each slot is equipped with an adjustable thickness mechanism, allowing it to accommodate a variety of bread sizes and thicknesses. Equipped with the unique Heat Scan Technology, the Superhuman See-Through Toaster guarantees you the perfect toast every single time. The Heat Scan technology used in this toaster consists of an automated, self-elevating platform, capable of moving the contents up and down across the heating element. Heat Scan is also equipped with variable timing control, which will intelligently move the platform up and down slowly, safely and evenly during the entire heating process, never leaving the bread to toast in just one place, essentially eliminating the risk of burnt toast. Additionally, a removable crumb tray is located at the base of the toaster for easy cleaning after every use, preventing that crumbly mess from happening every time you finish using a toaster.

  »  Innovative Heat Scan Technology utilizes an automated platform and variable timing control for evenly browned toast
  »  Adjustable thickness accommodates a variety of bread sizes
  »  Two insulated glass windows keep the exterior cool while keeping heat in during operation
  »  2 Slot Capacity; toast up to two slices of bread at a time
  »  Removable crumb tray offers an easy-cleaning solution and eliminates the crumbly mess after toasting
  »  Available in Silver and black colors