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Induction Cooker
The SHC2S Induction Cooker from Superhuman is designed for a high quality cooking experience in a minimal space and is an ideal tool for family and party use such as a hot pot gathering with friends. The heating surface is made of a high quality crystallitic glass, and the body of the unit is constructed with a stainless steel decoration on the control panel. It is powered by electricity, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with natural gas for operation, and can be conveniently used anytime you need it.

The perfectly smooth finish of the glass heating surface directly transfers heat from the surface to the cooking container, which significantly boosts the speed of cooking and is extremely easy to clean. It also features an automatic power off mechanism, which will shut off the unit automatically if the voltage detected is lower or higher than the rated one.

The Induction Cooker is equipped with 6 preset levels of temperature and 8 levels of wattage for maximum flexibility and versatility. It also includes 3 primary functions, heating, keep warm, and timer activation, which can be programmed accordingly with each use, all of which are controlled via the buttons located on the top and displayed on the central backlit LCD panel. It is also equipped with various safety features, including boil-dry protection which will trigger auto shutoff if contents have been boiled dry for safety, as well as a proximity sensor, which will prevent the unit from powering on if there is nothing placed on the heating surface.

The SHC2S Induction cooker is rated at 120V/60Hz and capable of outputting up to 1400W of heating power.

  »  299x299x4.0mm smooth, high-quality crystallitic glass cooking surface
  »  3 primary functions: heating, warm and time set for customize the time of cooking
  »  Safety mechanism automatically shuts off unit when voltage fluctuates, a boil-dry situation is detected or no pan is detected on heating surface
  »  Adjustable 6 preset temperatures and 8 wattages, up to 1400W
  »  LCD display with backlight
  »  Stainless Steel look offers a premium aesthetic
  »  Superhuman induction cooker uses 120 volts, 60Hz of electricity. Light weight and compact that easy for storage
  »  Weight: 6.35 pounds
  »  Dimension: 16.25 x 12.75 x 2.75 inches